Sequence Import Example:

Result Output:

Result Output Format:

   1) Without pseudoknot condition

   2) With pseudoknot condition

   * Vaule1 is the IRES element site.

   * Vaule2 is the Ratio of 2D structure aligment.

   * With pseudoknot condition, vaule3 (Y/N) mean this fragment whether to including pseudoknot structure.

      If including pseudoknot structure, then the ratio will be plus, and the score will  depend on  the individual IRES group.
        Group1-CrPV : 0.07
        Group2-HCV : 0.29
        Group3-EMCV : 0
        Group4-PV : 0.02

2D Structure Image:

   * The structure is colored by positional entropy.

Note : the system predicted that IRES group2-HCV and group3-EMCV are one of a domain, the whole IRES sequence of these group need to extends.

        Group2-HCV : extends upstream about 120 bp and the extends downstream about 45 bp.

        Group3-EMCV : extends upstream about 85 bp and the extends downstream about 165 bp.